Added warehouse logistics from incoming to outgoing goods

We store your goods in automatic or high-bay warehouses for short and long periods. Alternatively, we can provide on-time dispatch logistics - with optimal packaging and error-free order picking. If desired, this can be done on the same day and worldwide, also with a shipper of your choice.

Dispatch service and dispatch logistics

Goods receipt incl. container processing

  • Recording of geodata at goods receipt
  • New inventory management system for extremely precise and daily accurate inventory management


  • Packaging of general small parts through to pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
  • Assembly work and display construction
  • All production services in our portfolio
  • Takeover of outsourcing projects
  • Barcode-controlled system to ensure control of the production flow

Outgoing goods

  • Advice for fast, cost-optimised shipping with short-term delivery
  • Same-day dispatch of stored products on demand via EDI or e-mail
  • Worldwide shipping and organisation of logistics as parcel and general cargo, sea freight and air freight preparation (with customs documents, pro forma invoice...)
  • Overseas packaging
  • Project management
  • Returns processing

Merchandise management

  • Various high-bay warehouses as well as picking racks with high storage volume
  • Permanent or key date inventory
  • Storage of confidential files and documents in specially secured rooms with access control system


Our fully automatic high-bay warehouse handles 280 storage and retrieval operations per hour.