Complete service provider for e-commerce management, fulfillment, warehousing and shipping service

Complete tailor-made solutions - and not just for e-commerce management, something that is very much at the forefront of the IDEAL GROUP.

The group consists of four companies:
# IDEAL-PACK GmbH founded in 1995,
# IDEAL-PACK Food Solutions GmbH, specialist in food handling,
# IS IDEAL-SERVICES GmbH for personnel and work contracts, and
# IDEAL-FULLSERVICE GmbH, oriented towards receivables management and debt collection.

This makes the IDEAL-GROUP not only a competent service partner for operators of online and tele-shops, but also a real full-service provider for customers from industries such as mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, banking, print/publishing, automotive, cosmetics, food, insurance, sports and print. All services are offered, from order acceptance and warehousing to fulfilment, dispatch and debt collection.

The core of the business is our process management system. After all, growth requires not only sufficient resources but also a highly efficient IT system. We are well prepared for this!

Your benefits:

  • Full service from one source
  • Complex service portfolio
  • Industry-independent
  • Over 53,000 sqm of logistics space
  • Over 27,000 pallet spaces
  • Highly efficiently IT system
  • Qualified team
  • Over 600 motivated employees
  • Audited company
Production and logistics centre with fully automatic high-bay warehouse in the “Böllinger Höfe” industrial estate (Heilbronn).