Our commitment to protecting the environment

We are all responsible for sustainable management and the conservation of all resources used. We are therefore actively committed to the preservation of our environment and take advantage of numerous opportunities to save even more energy.

When designing our halls, we have always used the latest construction technologies, such as air heat pumps or LED lighting, to minimise both energy consumption and emissions. Whether it concerns highly efficient underfloor heating or almost loss-free latest generation transformers - we use extensive capabilities to protect the environment.

This is also the case with our solar power plant: The 750 kWp peak output is more than sufficient to supply our entire site with self-generated electricity - completely free of emissions.

Of course, we collect, bundle and recycle reusable materials, such as cardboard, plastic film or sheet metal. These are compressed, highly compacted into large bales and then transported for recycling. The press technology used by us alone has saved tens of thousands of truck mileage in recent years.

Environmentally conscious action and business success are not mutually exclusive - on the contrary! The companies of the IDEAL-GROUP are a wonderful example of this.

One of our systems for material collection and concentration, which has a measurable effect on the IDEAL-GROUP's environmental performance.